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The LOEWE Research Cluster MOSLA

MOSLA develops trans-disciplinary approaches to the solution for one of mankind’s fundamental problems: the long-term storage of information. The development of molecular storage, both for elemental organic cluster elements and DNA molecules, is to be advanced. The scenario of a “digital dark age”, i.e. the loss of all digital information, should thus be prevented. MOSLA’s research regarding DNA as an information storage medium focuses on two core areas MOSLA: Increasing the storage density of DNA, e.g. through better algorithms for data coding and the use of modified nucleotides, as well as information storage in living cells (spores).

MOSLA at a Glance

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All important information about our work here at MOSLA are also available as a leaflet. Bilingual in German and English, it summarizes the relevance, goals and approach of our research. It is illustrated by photos from our lab. The leaflet is available in print on request, as well as all time accessible as a download. Go ahead, take a look and pass it on to anyone interested:

DSMM Conference

We are happy to announce the first International Conference on Data Storage in Molecular Media (DSMM). It will take place on 21st - 23rd of March 2022 at the ZiF, Bielefeld.
Registration is currently open.

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